Zach Pousman

Co-Founder / Head of Strategy, Variable Labs

Zach Pousman has made a career of pursuing tomorrow’s best ideas. Zach has a deep background in Human Computer Interaction as well as strong skills in qualitative research methods to uncover unmet customer and user needs, which serves him well the Chief Strategy Officer at Variable Labs. Zach has consulted with startups and blue chip companies including Coca-Cola, Verizon Vehicle, Citibank, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield to discover digital opportunities and bring new digital products and platforms to market.

Zach is a graduate of The University of Chicago and holds a Master’s of Science in Human Computer Interaction (MS-HCI) from Georgia Tech, where he worked in the Information Interfaces Lab. He’s presented worldwide at academic and industry conferences including IEEE Information Visualization, Ubicomp, CHI, and O’Reilly SOLID.

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The UX of VR means building agency into stories

Columbia 1 & 2

The hype of Virtual Reality is at its peak. But we think VR is a laudable tool for helping people learn, grow, and change. My company creates experiences to foster empathy, develop soft skills, and change behavior. Our work is cinematic (we shoot ‘live action’ VR) but also interactive, so we are designing the User […]

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