Rakia Finley

Innovation Director / Co-Founder, FIN. Digital

Rakia is the Innovation Director of FIN. Digital. Her work includes consulting on the use of software systems to achieve corporate mission, information technology planning and the strategic use of technology. She specializes in mastering technology and web systems to increase development among organizations. Her strength is in planning for specific technology projects that involve complex information systems. With over 10 years experience in the information technology industry, she has become an industry expert on organizational issues associated with program creation and growth. She is active in the technology-for-enhancement movement and is frequently invited to speak at conferences across the country, primarily focusing on business strategy, development and technology.

My Sessions

Eliminating Unconscious Bias Through UX Design

Columbia 10

What information should be included in technology tools that accurately reflect the cultural roots of minority groups? How can more minority groups interested in technology create a voice for the consumer? User experience is one approach to address issues of unconscious bias often found in technology. User experience, a field rooted in diverse social science […]

Future-Forward UX