Rajeev Subramanian

UX Consultant, Freelance

I have over 13 years of work experience in sales, marketing, event planning, hospitality ventures and design agencies. Currently, I am a UX consultant and simultaneously enrolled in a Masters program at Bentley University in Human Factors in Information Design. I have a Computer Science background from Georgetown University. My breadth of knowledge and experience in a variety of fields has reinforced my belief in creating empathy to solve problems. I’m hoping to share these insights with everyone.

My Sessions

How redesigning common experiences can help develop empathy

Columbia 11

Sometimes we do not give a second thought to our own experiences once they’ve happened. We often take for granted that certain problems exist, by the mere fact that we have habitually come to accept it as a standard part of our life. Do you enjoy using your remote control? Do you take delight in […]

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