Penny Church

Senior Consultant, CapTech Consulting

Penny has a Master’s Degree in Human Factors from George Mason University, and 20 years of experience in user experience design and user research. Penny has worked extensively with a broad range of user populations, including teens (online college applications), Baby Boomers (50 to 70-year-old insurance customers), external web site visitors and back-office web-based tool users. Penny has a passion for usability and loves to help make products that improve user’s lives. She is currently a Senior Consultant for CapTech Consulting in Richmond, Virginia, and is an active member of the Richmond UX group (RUX).

My Sessions

What do you need to know before designing experiences or conducting usability tests with Baby Boomers? Those 50- to 70-year-olds have paved the way for later generations with respect to many aspects of our social lives, and they will pave the way now to show the rest of us how to maximize our senior years […]

Science of Design: Psychology and Cognition in UX