Lisa Battle

Principal, Design for Context

Lisa Battle has over 15 years of experience in the design of applications, web sites and information resources. Her work with project teams includes clarifying user needs and business goals, and designing user interface solutions that improve user experience and productivity. Lisa has led the design of many interactive applications supporting business functions such as accounts payable, claims processing, learning management, and project management, and has consulted on the design of large-scale informational web sites and intranets. She is also an expert on accessibility, which makes products and services easier to use for people with disabilities.

My Sessions

Micro-visualizations: Small visualizations that make a big impact

Columbia 11 & 12

We hear a lot about visualizations for big data these days, but what about small data? The power of communicating data visually can’t be overstated. When designing for expert users, we often need to convey a lot of information at a glance to help them make quick decisions and work efficiently. For infrequent or novice […]

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