Keith Deaven


Keith is the founder of Mediabarn, a DC-area based company specializing in UX research, consulting and design.Keith’s first exposure to user experience was in 1994, when he began his career at AOL delivering digital products to millions of people with an emphasis on ease of use. He founded Mediabarn with those same customer-centered principles, assisting commercial, government and non-profit clientele with every aspect of digital design including strategy, user testing, marketing research, product design and building internal UX capability. He is currently active in a number of UX and community-based initiatives, and is a cofounder of GoodGovUX.

My Sessions

Panel: Impacting the User Experience of Federal Government Digital Products through Public-Private Collaboration

Columbia 3 & 4

The mission of GoodGovUX is: “to drive the adoption of a common set of UX best practices within the government agency and government contracting communities.” The initiative is an effort between private and public sector UI/UX professionals to drive conversation, and more importantly, action, between the private and public sectors to improve the user experience […]

Future-Forward UX Standards, Repeatable Process, & Best Practices