Katherine Martinko

Katherine Martinko is a Senior Solution Designer at GetWellNetwork. A founding member of the User Experience team, she has helped create a culture of evidence-based design through extensive patient engagement research. She passionately believes words matter, and is applying her Masters in Public Health Communication and Marketing to transforming the way healthcare products and experiences speak to and interact with patients. Her work has won awards from Health 2.0 and the California Healthcare Foundation.

My Sessions

From overwhelming to empowering: Design for life-defining moments

Columbia 9

The healthcare industry is changing. The traditional model of “doctor knows best” is rapidly becoming a modern model of “patient-centered care.” Consumers are faced with seemingly endless choices and information sources, but desperately limited guidance and support. UX designers have an unprecedented opportunity to use our human-centered design skills to shepherd this transition. We’ll discuss […]

Future-Forward UX Science of Design: Psychology and Cognition in UX