Joseph Price

Senior Product Manager, The Washington Post

Joseph Price leads The Washington Post’s audio product family including podcasts and apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Home. He’s also heads up their bot and messaging initiatives including campaigns on SMS and Facebook Messenger. Before joining the Post, he worked at Huge defining product strategies and customer service design for companies including Pfizer, Credit Suisse, and Time Warner Cable. Price is also a teacher with local storytelling non-profit, Story District, and regular performer with The Moth, Story League, and Perfect Liars Club.

My Sessions

Voice Interaction 101

Columbia 1 & 2

We’ve spent the last decade getting pretty good at designing for screens of all sizes. But what happens when you take those screens away? How do you design for the the emerging category of voice interaction devices like the Amazon Echo and Dot and Google Home? Informed by The Washington Post’s work bringing their Know […]

Future-Forward UX Standards, Repeatable Process, & Best Practices