Jordan Higgins

Creative Director, ByteCubed

Jordan Higgins is the Creative Director at ByteCubed, a leading technology consulting firm in Arlington, VA, who helps government and industry find hidden value through human-centered design. Prior to joining ByteCubed, Jordan has worked in a variety of roles at start-ups, the United States Senate, and the United States Intelligence Community with a focus on driving innovation through design. Currently focused on exploring the Augmented and Virtual Reality to create compelling experiences and improve data-driven decision making, Jordan combines design and business strategy with a Masters of Science degree from the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce and a Bachelors degree in Interaction Design from George Mason University.

My Sessions

Prototyping the AR/VR User Experience

Columbia 10

Developing augmented and virtual reality experiences is expensive and time-consuming. Starting with physical prototypes allows you to test and experience your AR/VR designs at scale quickly and inexpensively. In this workshop we’ll cover design principles for effective AR/VR experiences, then work together in small groups to build physical prototypes using inexpensive materials like paper, foam, […]

Future-Forward UX