Jennifer Chaffee

Visual Designer, Design for Context

Jennifer Chaffee specializes in innovative graphical interface design for software and web applications, from conceptual designs to detailed specifications. In her 24 years’ experience in the user interface design field, she has combined her expertise in visual design with a solid understanding of application development for a variety of platforms, including mobile, touch screen, and web-based applications. Jennifer is skilled in designing icons and visual feedback cues that make applications easy to use.

My Sessions

Micro-visualizations: Small visualizations that make a big impact

Columbia 11 & 12

We hear a lot about visualizations for big data these days, but what about small data? The power of communicating data visually can’t be overstated. When designing for expert users, we often need to convey a lot of information at a glance to help them make quick decisions and work efficiently. For infrequent or novice […]

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