Jeffrey Ryan Pass

Solution Engineer & Lead Associate, Strategic Innovations Group - Booz Allen Hamilton

Jeffrey Ryan Pass is an ape-descended life-form with more than 19 years of experience as an information architect and user experience professional with the majority of his projects focused on designing highly-usable Websites and other digital experiences for the Federal Government (supporting more than 20 agencies and organizations). Jeff’s first career centered around conflict analysis, counter terrorism, and conflict resolution. He is a morose Catholic and cynic with a fascination for conspiracy theories. In short, Jeff is constantly looking for the evil in everything and is hopeful that, through this presentation, he can share some of his mania with you. Jeff is actively involved in the broader user experience community. He is co-lead of the Laurel Digital Hub UX Community of Practice at Booz Allen Hamilton (his employer), co-lead of the GoodGovUX Terminology & Definitions team, and one of the local organizers of World IA Day DC 2016.

My Sessions

Evil, Impactful IA & UX

Columbia 9 & 10

Impact. We all want our work to be meaningful and important; and to be sure, information architecture (IA), and user experience (UX) can be impactful. But that impact can be negative as easily as it can be positive. It fact, it can actually be downright evil. This session¬†provides a broad, high-level survey of some of […]

Science of Design: Psychology and Cognition in UX UX for a Better World