Erika Harvey

CEO/Founder/Nurse, MendUX, Inc.

Erika is a nurse and nursing instructor with over 14 years experience at the bedside and in administration. After the death of her husband due to bad UI decisions with the hospital’s EHR, and watching the unintuitive interfaces her patients and fellow staff members were dealing with, she decided to become part of the solution. She left the bedside and learned how to code, apprenticed as a UX architect and finally started MendUX, Inc. Patient Advocacy Through Technology. Today, Erika is the CEO/President of MendUX and has designed a system that helps to proactively prevent Alzheimer’s patients and Autistic children from wandering.

My Sessions

Lightning Round: Design in Healthcare

Columbia 9 & 10

Topics: Design vs. Cancer 1:30-1:40 Design Principles for Augmented Reality MCI Systems 1:40-1:50 Putting the Nurse into Healthcare UX 1:50-2:00 Moderated Q&A, 2:00-2:15


Putting the Nurse Into Healthcare UX

Columbia 9 & 10

What is the missing link in most healthcare related applications? The input from those that work day in, day out in the trenches. Think of the well-known stat that 80% of all 80-year-olds that fracture a hip will be dead within a year. It is not the business/clinical analyst, or even the MD , it […]

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