Dori Kelner

Managing Partner, Sleight-of-Hand Studios

Dori Kelner has decades of experience building applications that rely on structured data. She has designed survey data collection systems and government data warehouses. Dori consultants to nonprofit and government organizations to create content and digital strategy that build awareness, outreach, and relevance, and supports those strategies with the technology needed for implementation on the Drupal platform. She also is an avid foodie and wine consultant, and often uses those industries as examples on how to implement structured content.

My Sessions

Employing a Collaborative Model for Structured Content

Columbia 3 & 4

It is considered best practice in website development to create a content model. The content strategist assesses the existing content, defines the fields, and passes it to the designers and developers to execute. But the content model can be much more relevant if we ask questions that are often neglected. What is the context in […]

Standards, Repeatable Process, & Best Practices