DeAnthony Perryman

User Experience Strategist, Agency CHIEF

DeAnthony is a uniquely-experienced UX-er who places a strong focus on simple and clean experiences, ensuring that the user interface is an effective communication medium between site visitors and varying systems. With an impressive background supporting a range of government, commercial and non-profit clients, DeAnthony is deliberately daring in his approach. He has been known to think outside the box questioning client assumptions to get to the heart of what matters most to users. In his role at CHIEF, DeAnthony plans and executes user research and analysis to assist in defining and often reimagining clients’ needs, objectives and target audiences. Day-to-day you’ll find him conducting focus groups and user interviews, developing surveys and white boarding wireframes. DeAnthony’s inspired understanding of users deserves a round of applause. Let’s hear it!

My Sessions

Why Assume When You Can Know: The Impact Empathy Makes on User Experience

Columbia 11 & 12

So, what is empathy and why is it useful to UX professionals? Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a skill that we build as children over our entire lives. As we interact with the world and those around us, our ability to be empathetic develops […]

Science of Design: Psychology and Cognition in UX