Dan Brown

Principal, EightShapes, LLC

In 2006, Dan Brown co-founded EightShapes, a design firm based in Washington, DC. EightShapes designs digital products and systematizes design standards for Fortune 500 clients. Most recently, Dan has conducted user research for a government agency, designed an application for students seeking career advice, and lead the design of a web-based consumer application for a major educational publishing company.

Dan’s two books, Communicating Design and Designing Together, deal with communications and collaboration on design teams, and are widely considered essential reading for UX designers. UX teams all over the world have played his game Surviving Design Projects, to improve their conflict management skills. His forthcoming book Practical Design Discovery deals with the very first phase of a project, in which the product team seeks to understand the design problem.

Follow him on Twitter @brownorama.

My Sessions

Creating Effective Discovery Documents

Columbia 5 & 8

Discovery, generally defined as the first 20% of a design project, gives your team confidence you’re building the right thing. Through discovery, you uncover requirements, constraints, and insights–everything that informs the design process. Discovery is more than research and stakeholder interviews: It’s the process your team uses to get aligned and focused. That process yields […]

Standards, Repeatable Process, & Best Practices