Bill Killam

President, User-Centered Design, Inc.

Bill Killam is the President and Principle Human Factors Engineer at User-Centered Design, Inc. in Northern Virginia. He has been providing Human Factors Engineering, user-centered design, and usability services for over 35 years. In addition, Bill teaches Human Factors Engineering at the University of Maryland. George Mason University, and The Catholic University of America. He is an active member of the human factors engineering and usability testing community at both the national and local level and has been the Vice President and President of the Potomac Chapter of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society, President of the DC Chapter of the Usability Professionals Association, and on the board of DC Chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Human Computer Interaction (ACM SIGCHI).

My Sessions

“Three Usability Testing Protocol – When, Why, & How”

Columbia 4

“Usability testing” is needed to ensure that our products have a positive impact on our users, but it needs to be conducted correctly. There are a number of protocols that can be used, the most common being the think aloud protocol. However, this protocol is not suitable for all phases of the product design process. […]

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