Keynote: Design the Team You Need to Succeed

From Starchitects to Design Gurus, the lone designer-hero has been our model for creating impact. But it’s a complete lie. The complex software, smart devices and connected information environments we create require multidisciplinary teams. So we must spend a lot of time getting teamwork right, right?

Sadly, no.

Instead we rip job descriptions off the web, throw people together without preamble, simmer in passive-aggressive discontent until we eventually fire the person we’ve all been rolling our eyes at. Or worse, we avoid firing him until everyone good quits.

It’s time to give teams the same attention and craft we give our products. Christina will share the lessons from top companies in the Silicon Valley for you to take back to your teams. It doesn’t matter if you are a manager or a peer leader, these approaches will make your team thrive. Awesome products come from awesome teams, so it’s time to stop doing business as usual and design a team for impact.