Impact Your Career, Workplace, and UX Community through Mentorship

Columbia 1 & 2

For both mentors and mentees, mentorship is the crux of our growth as individuals, project teams, and as a community. We need seasoned UX designers to help aspiring UX designers learn by doing. It’s only by taking the time to help other designers grow that we’re building supportive and sustainable UX communities.

This talk will:

  • Highlight the importance, value, and impact of mentorship (to you, others, and the greater community)
  • Dispel any myths about being a mentor or mentee
  • Describe the types of mentorship
  • Explain responsibilities and expectations
  • Cover best practices in creating mentorship programs in your community or workplace
  • Share our experiences as mentors/mentees and founding a mentorship program at our local UXPA chapter
Standards, Repeatable Process, & Best Practices