Poster Showcase

Work from the UXDC Community

Thank you to our poster presenters who presented a concept, case study, infographic, or other visualization to the UXDC community!

  • Jonathan Strohl, David Tang, Emma Gardiner, Edward Pierce
  • Jeffrey Ryan Pass
  • Elissa Redmiles
  • Greg Walsh, Zach Pease
  • Greg Walsh
  • Natalia Tsymbalenko
  • Krissy Kimura
  • Siobhan Fisher
  • Jake Bevitt and Dick Horst, UserWorks, Inc.
  • Mohit Gupta
  • Tejas Chavan
  • Mohamed Ali Abdirahman, Margo Kabel, Benjamin Bloom, Dick Horst, and Stephanie Sharpe (Representing the Best Practices Working Group of GoodGovUX)
  • Dhruvil Gandhi
  • Kristy Cunningham
  • Rachel Weatherly