Poster Showcase

Share your work with the UXDC Community!

Submit your idea by 4/1! Posters due 4/14.

Here’s your opportunity to present a concept, case study, infographic, or other visualization to the UXDC community.

Join the UXDC 2017 Poster Session launching in the Exhibit Hall Friday, April 14 at 1 PM. Posters will remain on display through the Conference.

Poster presenters are expected to attend the Opening Poster Session from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM on Friday, April 14 to field questions and share Poster elevator pitches. We invite you to join the UXDC community for happy hour and continue networking.

As a Poster presenter, you’ll enjoy free access to the Exhibit Hall on Friday, April 14 and are not required to purchase conference tickets to display a Poster. However, Poster presenters do not receive free attendance to Friday workshops or the Saturday conference. If you want to attend a Workshop of the Conference, take advantage of early bird pricing by purchasing tickets this week. Anyone who submits a poster will receive an additional discount code that applies to pricing at time of purchase.

Who Can Participate?

Anyone can submit a Poster. There is no limit to the number of presenters per Poster. This is an especially good opportunity for students to get feedback on their work.

About Your Poster

Posters should be no larger than 3’ by 4’ (vertical or horizontally aligned) and will be displayed on easels to facilitate easy relocation and display during the Saturday conference. Mounted posters will be easier to display on easels, but we will have backer board on hand if you need it (you’ll need to bring tape, tacks, or other means of mounting to the backer board).

All Posters must be printed; we apologize that we cannot support digital projection of Posters. Posters can be hung starting at 8:00 AM on April 14 with the Poster Session commencing at 1:00 PM. Posters can be picked up after the close of the conference on Saturday, April 15.

Please consider bringing along handouts with scaled-down versions of your Poster (or complementary information) and don’t forget those business cards; the Poster Session is a great networking opportunity.

Finally, like UXDC participants and volunteers, UXDC posters need to comply with the UXDC 2017 Code of Conduct so please ensure you review it as you create your poster.

The Fine Print

UXDC thanks you for your submission and takes no responsibility for costs endured in the making of your Poster and related materials. The UXPA DC and conference hotel will care for your Poster to the best of our abilities but take no responsibility for damage. Presenters are responsible for bringing their Poster to and from the Conference. Abandoned Posters will be considered forfeited and discarded.


Submit a Poster Idea